Here at the Commission (the organisation behind Sorted) we’re all about everyone getting ahead financially.

Talking about money isn’t always the most exciting thing in the world, but that’s not to say it’s always dry and boring! And here’s the proof. We’ve been enlisting some well-known New Zealanders to help spread the word. They’ve blogged about everything from squirrels to robots, all with an eye on the horizon and what it might hold for their future selves.

 The millennials fight back

“We millennials have drawn the short straw when it comes to finances. From the abolishment of the universal child benefit in 1991 to the skyrocketing costs of education during our university years to entering the workforce in the middle of the great recession, we’ve been on the back foot from the outset.”
Lizzie Marvelly


Unleashing your inner squirrel 

“I’ve always taken money, the making of it and squirrelling it away, rather seriously because I like pretty things and adore travelling. I realised early on, probably in my twenties, that the dull misery or fearful panic that occasionally wafted over me was less about being depressed or anxious, and more about being broke. Money meant choices and possibilities and adventure. No money meant I had to sit very still. I’m not a fan of sitting very still.” 
Michele A’Court


Starting somewhere 

“Not many of us buy our best house first, or suddenly save enough cash to retire. And that is really not the point. Like education, which is a long process, saving money over the years does add up with time. And it makes later life so much more fun to be part of.”
Susan Wood


Eating your words

“Freelance writers eat the fruits of their words every day. In this case, every time one falls on the page I earn 50 cents. It’s not a particularly lucrative line of work – few of us emerge from the profession owning a yacht – but when it comes to explaining retirement savings, it’s awesome….”
- Ali Ikram


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