It’s Money Week! The easiest place to get stuck in is the check-up a, or with the kids at If you’re looking for events near you, try – there are hundreds.

To get us all into it, here’s my top 10 for the week:

1. Work out by saving

Set aside savings before you do anything else with your money. You may be starting out small, but beginning right away and making it automatic helps.

2. Build that buffer

Having money is all about having options. Expect the unexpected, so build an emergency fund that would cover at least three months’ expenses.

3. Get on the circuit

As you shop around, compare your choices carefully. If you’re borrowing money, don’t forget that your true cost includes any interest and fees you’ll be paying.

4. Trim your debt

Try to repay more than the minimum. Shed your high-interest debt as quickly as possible.

5. Boost performance

When you get a windfall, put it towards something that helps you get ahead – like paying off debt.

6. Set your goals

Having clear and realistic goals for the short, medium and long term will sharpen your focus.

7. Plan your training

See the steps you need to take. A money plan for what you earn and spend is a great way to reach your goals.

8. Focus your energy

Flow your money towards your goals. Learn which mix of investments can help you achieve them. When you reach a goal, celebrate!

9. Protect your progress

You train hard, so you want to make sure you stay on track. Get the right insurance for you and review it annually, or as soon as your situation changes.

10. Stretch yourself further

Everyone can use a personal trainer – call 0508 BUDGET for a budget adviser or consult an authorised financial adviser to help you reach your highest potential.

Enjoy your week!


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